Kielce’s UFO Bus Station Fitted With FAKRO Light Tunnels

Thanks to its unique shape, the Kielce’s bus station has been the city’s showcase from its very beginning. However, its turbulent several dozen years history has finally come full circle. Check out FAKRO light tunnels.

The building has come a long way: from being the city’s symbol through total ruin and back to its best. FAKRO has also contributed to this revival. But let’s start from the beginning…

The bus station building built over thirty years ago underwent a thorough revamp in 2018. The contractors modernizing this building included in the register of monuments had to meet very stringent requirements and prepare the design preserving the existing, external shape of the building. Also the shape of the dome with its characteristic light tunnels had to be preserved.

The architects responsible for the design of the new bus station contacted our company when looking for light tunnels that would meet the current requirements and, at the same time, reflect the historical values of the building. There was no such product in the FAKRO’s offer, but after many discussions, visits to the construction site, months of work and consultations, we managed to design and then make appropriate light tunnels.

This project was a real challenge for FAKRO designers. It required an individual approach to the investor and the creation of a “tailor-made” product that would satisfy the requirements of all participants to the project and meet the assumptions of the modernization.

As a result of this work, 196 light tunnels were made. The light tunnels have good thermal insulation parameters, imitate the original light tunnels and let natural light into the bus station building illuminating its interior. You can admire them from August 2020 when the Kielce’s bus station building got a second life and was put into travellers’ use.

Currently, the bus station in Kielce meets the standards of usefulness and features a very attractive design. It has become a modern, integrated communication centre without barriers. The completely revamped building, with its characteristic shape preserved, is still unique not only in Poland, but also in Europe.

FAKRO light tunnels are perfectly suitable wherever ordinary roof or vertical windows cannot be installed. They can also be an additional source of light, allowing you to save electricity. The more light that illuminates the dome of the light tunnel, the more light is conveyed to the building interior.

Building name:Bus station
Location:Kielce, Poland
Put into use after modernization27 August 2020
Year of construction1984
Designers“Marcin Kamiński, Bartosz Bojarowicz Architekci s.c.” based in Kielce FAKRO design team
InvestorCity Transportation Authority in Kielce
General contractorBudimex S.A Warszawa
Subcontractor-installer of light tunnels“Dach i Strych” Kraków
FAKRO products used196 non-standard dome light tunnels with a diameter of 75 cm