FAKRO Products Operated via Wi-Fi Network

FAKRO products operated via Wi-Fi network at BATIMAT Trade Show in Paris

FAKRO products operated via Wi-Fi network at BATIMAT Trade Show in Paris

One of the most important events in the construction industry in Europe, namely Batimat trade show took place in Paris from 4 to 8 November 2019. Each edition attracts more than a quarter of a million visitors and over 1,700 exhibitors from around the world. Naturally, it is a must for FAKRO to be there.

FAKRO presented its top products on the surface covering over 200m2. The vast majority of visitors to trade shows are looking for new products and inspirations. That is why the products demonstrated by our company are solutions that are not commonly found on French roofs.

The Galeria balcony window in white colour and size of 114×255 combined with the Duet proSky window sized 94×255 let us experience how much light, air and comfort can be secured by using this solution.

Similar feelings were provided by the FPP-V preSelect MAX window in the maximum size of 134x160cm. In turn, the FTP-V Solar window with the ARF Solar blackout blind confirmed FAKRO’s innovative approach to products and comfort of use.

Products from the flat roof family were located along the avenue, including electrically operated DEF, DEG, DEZ-A windows with dedicated AMZ/Z awning blind and the combination of DXW walkable windows.

Products electrically controlled via Wi-Fi network were the source of great interest. The operation of these products was presented using a mobile application for smartphones as well as through voice messages thanks to the Google Home speaker.

By running the system with the “OK Google” command and issuing commands, the user can control the FAKRO Wi-Fi version products such as roof windows, internal blinds or awning blinds for vertical windows. It is worth mentioning that the products can be operated from anywhere in the world having the Internet access as the only condition.

As added by Sławomir Uryga, FAKRO Exhibition Marketing Team Leader, this solution was particularly appealing to the visitors. Having FAKRO products integrated with Google Home, they could give commands to open the window or awning blind as well as check the weather or listen to music using just one device.  

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