HGTV Star and Celebrity Designer Chip Wade Discovers And Falls In Love With FAKRO

Why The FAKRO LST Attic Ladder Is Catching Everyone’s Eye

Most of us are used to the standard three-fold attic ladder system. You pull the string on the door installed into your ceiling, pull on one of the steps (if you can even reach it) and unfolds a metal or wooden attic ladder. That would be the simple way to put it but FAKRO knows its not so simple. Ceilings are high and the last thing you want to do is get a ladder to reach your attic ladder.

The FAKRO LST attic ladder has changed the game. Each attic ladder comes with a rod that facilitates the reach to pull the door down. Once the door has been unlocked and opened with the rod the user will continue to use the rod to unlatch the ladder from the door and semi-automatically pull it down! The FAKRO LST attic ladder’s release is gentle and only comes down as fast as the user wants it to. Making it safe, simple and secure.

FAKRO LST Attic Ladder At The 2022 International Builders’ Show

“Design & Construction Week is like the Superbowl for DIY’ers and industry pro’s alike.” says HGTV star and DIY Expert, Chip Wade. His appearance at this year’s International Builders’ Show was a compliment to many exhibitor booths he visited, including FAKRO’s. Chip Wade took to the LST attic ladder with excitement. Eager to give it air time on Fox News’ Fox & Friends hosted by Chip Wade himself. The FAKRO attic ladder appears in the video with Chip’s enthusiastic voice explaining some of its key features like its insulated door, automatic pull down that adjust itself to the height of your ceiling, wheels at the bottom of the attic ladder, 350 pound weight capacity and available in different styles and sizes.

Key Features Of The FAKRO LST Attic Ladder

  • Like Chip said, the attic ladder comes in different styles meaning you can choose between standard insulated or a 60 minute fire resistant
  • Insulated hatch is equipped with a weather seal gasket to keep the temperature in the attic separate from the temperature in your home
  • Hatch unloading mechanism making it completely safe to unfold on its own once unlocked with the rod
  • Non-slip steps
  • Scissor like structure doubles and rungs for the user to safely hold onto
  • Created originally for small openings and small landing spaces. As the product took off FAKRO has added a total of 7 different sizes for its insulated model. The smallest being a 22.5”x31.5” and the largest being a 30.5”x54”
  • 350 pound loading capacity for all sizes
  • User can add or remove steps in order to reach their ceiling height—reaching heights up to 10’10”
  • The best one of all is how simple and easy it is to install!

Chip Wade Did Have Something To Be Excited About

You cannot blame his excitement when talking about the FAKRO LST attic ladder! With all those features plus the safety standard FAKRO follows it is hard to pass up such an attic ladder.

While other companies may try to replicate the LST scissor style attic ladder only the FAKRO brand goes above and beyond its safety and security for all their products. FAKRO attic ladders are also made from pine wood which comes from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. Another reason to love FAKRO? We think so!