Who Really Needs an Egress Window?

Egress Windows by FAKRO

Egress Windows are growing in popularity.

As more and more basement egress windows become common in homes the need for a roof egress window becomes in demand.

Architects, designers, contractors and even current homeowners are coming to find out the multiple methods of escape are very important in their home. Which all make sense when you take the time and investment to plan your homes escape routes.

Although some users from certain states may benefit from roof egress windows more than others, everyone should consider adding a method of escape in their upstairs bedrooms, if their state doesn’t already require it.

A home in Florida right off the coast might find it beneficial during hurricane season, whereas, a home in Illinois may benefit from an egress roof window when their basement is no longer accessible in the middle of a fire. Since no one can predict a catastrophe one can essentially prepare at the very least.

Egress Windows
Egress Windows

More Than One Benefit

FAKRO egress windows give the user many benefits aside from being there as an addition to their emergency escape route. The design of the emergency escape window is simple, clean yet unique since it combines together with the FAKRO skylights.

This window is not just designed as a hatch but as a skylight as well allowing in ample amounts of light and fresh air inside the users home. For those looking to get a bigger bang out of their buck the FAKRO egress window is the way to go.

Keeps the Heat Out and the Fresh Air In

Not every day may call for quickly escaping onto your roof; it may call for your home needing additional light and air. With the optional mosquito screen accessory to user can open the window up comfortably enjoying a nice breeze.

For those worried about sunlight and its warmth the FAKRO egress window is manufactured with tempered, Low-e glass, filtering through the suns infrared and UV rays minimizing the amount of light and heat entering a home, making this window energy-efficient.

While the Low-e glass will suffice for some, others stress the importance of having less to no solar heat gain. For those, FAKRO had come up with the answer as well. Creating blinds specifically for their egress windows.

The blinds come in a range of options from different colors, patterns and transparency levels. Customers love the customizability the windows come in. Many find it great that they can finally match a roof window to the style of their home.

Egress Windows by FAKRO
Egress Windows by FAKRO

Simple Installation

Despite the egress roof window being quite stylish in a home others will look for different characteristics and the make-up of this great window. It was manufactured to not only look aesthetically pleasing but it is just as easy to install.

The bracket free installation, means no metal components are visible on the windows exterior, the template included in the box facilitates cutting the rough opening and its included hardware create simplicity for the installer leaving them confident knowing they installed the egress window properly for its long lasting use.

If They Are So Beneficial, Why Doesn’t Everyone Have One?

Egress roof windows are fairly new to the market whereas basement egress windows have been around for a while. FAKRO’s roof windows have been on the market for 20 years.

That’s 20 years of constant development and innovation. They have listened to the consumer market on what was needed and manufactured it exactly the way it would be most beneficial to the user.

The opening handle positioned in the middle facilitating the opening of the window oppose to other brands where some might find the opening handle to be located at the top and out of reach.

This, along with your choice of a left or right opening swing, 10 year warranty and components made from hand selected pine wood are just a few additional features these roof windows provide as a standard for each model that will have all users feel like it was specifically made for them.

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