What Are Egress Windows? (2021 Edition)

Egress Windows

What Are Egress Windows? We Have The Answers

Designed to meet local building codes, egress windows are large basement windows that allow the successful exit or entry to a property in the event of an emergency.

Egress window requirements mean they’re typically required in basements instead of standard or older style basement windows. With egress windows, you will usually find steps or a ladder to allow ease of escape.

Egress windows like other window well escape systems will have to meet building codes. We construct all our egress windows to meet these egress window codes.

Egress Windows by FAKRO
Egress Windows by FAKRO

Our complete egress window process is designed and planned to ensure it does not compromise the functionality and beauty of your basement. Instead, it ensures a more comfortable bedroom or living area, producing natural light, while always ensuring any residence remains safe while inside.

Until the late 1990s, there was no such thing as an egress window code. Older basement windows offered a little or no benefit and were regularly too small to safely enter our exit.

However, in the last 20 years new homes have to meet specific egress window requirements, any basement windows need to meet specific size standards to ensure the safety of anyone in the basement.

What are the Key Benefits of Egress Windows

Enter and Exit:

The primary purpose of an egress window is to provide a basement window that allows occupants to safely enter or exit in the event of emergencies. They need to be the best window requirements including their height from the floor ensuring that any younger children need to reach them.

Light Filled Space:

Installing a larger window in any basement area will instantly make the space far more livable creating a light filled space will allow residents to enjoy their time there

Increase Value Of Your Property:

Whether you are a landlord or a residential homeowner installing an egress window will instantly increase the value of your property

Most times to make your building up to legal standards, your basement area may have to feature an egress window. Under the IRC (international residential code) 2006 under the following circumstances, they require you under law to install an egress window.

  • If your basement contains a bedroom building whose required you install an egress window.
  • If you convert to existing basement to create a more habitable space and it doesn’t already have an egress window, you must install one

Correctly installed egress windows will feature a window well that has a cover that even a child can easily remove. However it is powerful enough to eliminate the risk of anyone over the way to 500lb falling into the well

We make High quality egress windows using polyethylene and come with UV inhibitors built in. This high standard of material ensures that these windows are more weather resistant and should easily meet their warranty of 10 years without ever decay rotting or rusting.

7. Above all else, the primary benefit of an egress window is to provide a safer environment in your basement. Correctly installed even a young child should be able to escape a basement area in under 2 minutes should they need to.

What are the advantages of an Egress Window

As we mentioned previously, an egress window well should be found near any basement to provide a safe and easy escape route in the event of an emergency in the home.

Egress window requirements unlike those of older basement windows they should also allow easy access for emergency workers here are the key advantages of installing aggressive windows.

Designed for purpose

The address window code has developed to mean they’re no longer need to be lined with any metal such as tin you can now line them with wood, stone or brick which means you can not only boost the safety of your home but you can also instantly increase its curb appeal.

Although their primary purpose is to provide an emergency exit or entry point, you can even add some plants in the area to provide an additional splash of color.

Add Value

The installation of an egress window will add instant additional value to your property. By bringing it up to code, you could now legally add additional living space or bedroom to your property

Natural light

Unlike traditional basement windows, the installation of an aggressive window well will instantly allow an abundance of natural light to enter your really basement space

Makes your home safer

we may have touched something as previously, but the primary reason to install aggressive windows is to boost the safety of your home and allow any residents or family to quickly escape during an emergency.