Top 13 Attic Ladders in 2020 (Highest Rated)

FAKRO Attic Ladders

Attic ladders provide easy access to your attic. They are also safer than standard ladders, more affordable than stationary staircases, and can increase the value of your home. To enjoy all the benefits of attic ladders, you need to buy from a top company. Check out the top 13 attic ladder companies in 2020.

1.     FAKRO

FAKRO Attic Ladders

FAKRO USA has a reputation for being the best attic ladder company year after year, including 2020. Each attic ladder is of the highest quality and backed by a warranty. The ladders are pre-assembled so you can install them as soon as they arrive. Read FAKRO’s attic ladder reviews online.

Once installed, the hardware is concealed, and you can even paint the lid to match the existing ceiling color. FAKRO also has many options, including metal, metal scissors, wooden super-thermo insulated, and fire-rated attic ladders.

Pull-down Attic Stairs (11 Benefits for Your Home)

Are you considering getting pull-down attic stairs for your home? Before you invest in attic stairs, you want to know the benefits. Go over some of the top reasons people get attic ladders, and you will see this is a wise investment. At FAKRO, we have some of the most popular Attic Ladders in the country.

2.     Louisville Ladder

Louisville Ladder has an assortment of options for consumers, including the Elite model that can support up to 375 pounds. The high-quality ladders include the EZ hand strap system for easy installation.

3.     Werner

Werner attic ladders are frequently rated among the best in the business. Some of the manufacturer’s ladders come with an assist pole that makes opening and closing the door easier and safer. You can also get a ladder with an oversized handrail to improve safety.

4.     Youngman

Youngman has been making high-quality ladders since 1926. It’s most known for its telescopic attic ladder with easily adjustable heights. Even with adjustment options, it’s incredibly sturdy, making it an excellent choice for people who want flexibility and durability.

5.     Rainbow Attic Stair by SP Partners LLC

Rainbow Attic Stair by SP Partners LLC provides metal stairs, including custom drop ceiling stairs. It’s most known for its telescoping attic ladder, but that’s just one of many options with this company.

6.     Alaco Ladder Company

Alaco Ladder Company focuses on both design and function when creating attic stairs. The company uses aluminum with powder coat finishes and natural hardwoods when making attic ladders, and they are quite durable. The company also makes safety a priority when designing attic stairs.

7.     Attic Ladder Guy

The Attic Ladder Guy is a bit different from most manufacturers. This company only serves Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. If you live in one of those states, you can order a high-quality ladder at an affordable price. The ladders are extra wide and can handle up to 375 pounds. They also have self-closing shocks. The company can provide ladders of any height, so no matter how high your attic is, they have you covered.

8.     Marwin Company

The Marwin Company manufactures wooden attic stairs with up to a 350-pound duty rating. You can add the optional fire-retardant treatment to the attic stairs for extra protection. The company also has other options, such as a pull-down rod with an eye hook, an insulated door panel, or wide tread for additional room for your feet. Because of all of the options, it’s best to talk to a salesperson before ordering stairs from Marwin. Otherwise, you could end up with a system that doesn’t have all the features you want.

9.     Precision Ladders, LLC

Precision Ladders has been in business since the 1940s. It provides commercial-grade and industrial-strength attic ladders. Its lineup includes an automatic electric disappearing stairway that comes with a battery backup system in case of a power failure.

10.  Bessler Stairway Company

The Bessler Stairway Company opened its doors in 1909 and has been offering a variety of ladders ever since. One such option is the disappearing sliding stairway. Instead of folding into the attic, the ladder slides into it. This design allows the ladder to handle up to 800 pounds of weight.

11.  Fontanot

Fontanot sells the Zoom Plus Manual and Zoom Plus Electric attic stairs. Both scissor-style stairs are made of aluminum and can handle up to 580 pounds. The electric ladder is the fancier of the two and comes with two remote controls so you can open and close your ladder as needed.

12.  Skylark Electric Foldaway Attic Stairs

Skylark Electric Foldaway Attic Stairs also includes remote controls with products, so you can easily open and close your ladder, even when your hands are full. The electric attic stairs are sturdily constructed and long-lasting. While they can be used in residential and commercial settings, they are most common in offices.

13.  American Stairways

American Stairways has a large inventory of stairs. Its inventory includes different sizes, code compliance options, and energy-saving models. You can find attic stairs in wood or aluminum, and the company offers replacement parts if something wears out.

Choose an Attic Ladder Wisely

Do your research and choose your attic stairs wisely so they will stand the test of time. When you purchase and install durable attic ladders, you will feel safe and secure when entering and exiting your attic.