FAKRO Skylights Planning Checklist for 2020

Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6

Skylight Planning Checklist by FAKRO

Preparing to install a skylight is an exciting time. From having improved natural lighting, a comfortable view of the sky, and the wonderful touch it adds to your home’s aesthetic, there are tons of great qualities to look forward to when installing one of FAKRO’s top skylights in your home.

The best skylights make your whole home more appealing. The months and weeks leading up to your skylight’s final installation are full of anticipation. But, as with any home improvement, part of that anticipation is preparation. For many homeowners, it can be tough knowing where to start.

At FAKRO, we are all about keeping homeowners safe, satisfied, and stress-free. Installing a skylight in your home can seem like a lot to prepare for but breaking it down over time makes the process much easier.

We’ve made it our mission to deliver homeowners the best skylights on the market today. Customers often ask us how best to prepare for installing skylights: If you are preparing to install a skylight in your home, our planning checklist can help you easily put everything in order.

FAKRO Universal Curb Mounted Skylight FXC
FAKRO Universal Curb Mounted Skylight FXC

Skylights: What’s the Timeline?

Four to Five Months Before Installation

Before installing skylights, it is important to prepare your home – and also yourself. You should start planning your skylight decisions about four to five months in advance of when you would like them installed. This gives you plenty of prep-time to look through the best skylights on the market and make a deliberate choice.

You do not want to rush installing skylights, just like you would not rush a furniture purchase, paint color, or other home renovation projects. Since the best skylights involve some construction, you need to make sure you will remain happy with your choice for as long as you remain in your home. The best way to do that is to give yourself enough time to think. Research the top skylights on the market to see the styles and benefits.

Depending on what you want, this phase will have a unique outcome. If you want extra light but also some airflow, that changes your options. If you want lots of sunlight or more concentrated light dispersal, that changes things, too. You should think about what type of lighting best suits your home. If you want to install skylights in rooms that get full sunlight, that could help brighten your entire home. If you need light in darker places in your home, like hallways and stairwells, skylights can easily brighten them up.

Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6
Flat Roof Access Skylight DRF DU6

Of course, making the choice between various top skylights involves picking the room you want to install the skylights in. This decision should be made early in the process, but it can also change over time as you reflect on your options, and your eventual preferences will impact your likely choices. Some venting skylights can add extra moisture to kitchens and bathrooms, for example.

Three Months Out

Once you have reflected on the best skylights for your home and where you want to put them, you should start considering installation logistics. Note what kind of roofing materials your home uses (metal, tile, shingles, cedar, etc.). Whether your roof is flat or inclined is also important. You should consider where you need the most lighting in your home and which direction those areas face.

You should also think about your own lifestyle. Do you want your skylights to operate manually or with electricity (or perhaps solar power)? What is your ceiling height and do you need a turning rod or a remote control? Do you want blinds that filter or blackout light?

Should your skylights be fixed or venting? These considerations are all up to you, though it’s important that you keep in mind lighting and room placement. This is the phase when you should begin talking with a certified FAKRO installer in your area. A certified installer will be able to help you figure out how to optimize skylights in your home.

The walkable skylight supports weight
The walkable skylight supports weight

Two Months Out

At this point, you should tell your certified FAKRO installer what you want to accomplish with your skylight. Get their feedback to ensure you are on the same page and that your desires can be safely and effectively implemented.

Your FAKRO installer can provide you with a quote both for installation and the skylights themselves. Soon enough, you will have an expected installation date.

Make sure to comply with any local building codes or HOA requirements. A certified installer in your area will be able to help you navigate this process much more easily.

Finalize which skylights you prefer as well as their size, accessories, and flashing. Discuss these final decisions with your certified FAKRO installer so that you both know what to expect.

One Month Out

As your installation date draws near, you have a bit more prep work to do. Make sure you have a final consultation with your certified installer and review the details of your choices.

Finalize the placement details for your skylights and discuss any additional necessities (like light shaft choices). Go over your final price quote to make sure everything looks right.

Once this is finished, you can pick a permanent schedule for your skylight installation. Make sure you ask for a copy of the contract to look over before signing and keep it for future reference.

The Week Before

A few days to a week before your installation date, there are just a few things left to do. Your roof should be prepared as necessary, meaning any cutting away of materials is complete. This helps your skylight installation proceed much more quickly.

You should also add any wall or drywall ceiling materials you will need for your skylight’s framing. Once your skylight is installed, make sure to ask your certified installer about how to operate it properly. Review any care questions you may have. Then, the best part: enjoy your new FAKRO skylight.

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