Roof Hatches: The Benefits for Residential Homes

Roof Hatches by FAKRO

There are numerous benefits of FAKRO roof hatches for residential homes.

They can serve a wide number of purposes and make access through the ceiling very easy. It also improves the overall safety of your home. However, roof hatches are more than just a safe way to get onto your roof. They can also function for storage spaces, extra rooms, and smaller compartments without easy access. Here are 13 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Roof Hatch.

Roof hatches may seem entirely practical, but they can be installed even for largely aesthetic reasons as they always add a refined touch and never crowd out decor. In this article, we will introduce just a few of the benefits of FAKRO roof hatches.

Improved Safety and Accessibility

Roof hatches enable easy and safe access to your roof, attic, and other hard-to-reach areas in your home. Old metal ladders rust and new staircases are difficult and expensive to install.

Portable ladders can be dangerous if they tip over or give way under pressure from age and damage. Installing a roof hatch eliminates these potential dangers. It also ensures you never get stuck on your roof or left unable to access it in an emergency.

Installing a FAKRO roof hatch also improves your home’s fire safety. If your home has access doors, you lower the risk of fires. This is because roof hatches are made with insulating materials to reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally, the presence of roof hatches can help reduce the risk of fires starting because they enable access to HVAC, natural gas fixtures, exhaust, and flammable materials kept in storage. Roof hatches also help protect your property from smoke damage and excess heat.

The insulated access roof hatches DRF is a new product expanding the range of FAKRO solutions for flat roofs. In addition to illumination function, it has an extra utility feature providing safe and convenient access to the flat roof.

Adding a FAKRO roof hatch enables easier snow and ice removal. It becomes far easier to clear debris from your roof and much safer to get on the roof in the first place.

Tasks that were once an annoyance, like cleaning gutters, become simpler and safer to perform without the need for movable ladders. It also becomes easier for maintenance workers to check your roof and perform services. This can help cut renovation and maintenance costs down the road since the less time contractors spend repairing your home, the less they will charge.

Finally, many homeowners install corrosion resistant roof hatches so they can take advantage of flat rooftop space. A rooftop hatch is the most convenient way to add accessibility to a rooftop, making it easy to set up a dining area or outdoor coffee table.

This adds a lot of functionality and entertainment to homes with flat roofs because it becomes almost like a balcony. Often, flat roofs actually provide more privacy since they offer more surface area hidden from view.

Roof Hatches: Perfect Aesthetics for Any Setup

Since you can choose the color for the trim of your FAKRO roof hatch, you can practically design it to fit the style and decor of your home. FAKRO products are made of heavy-duty materials that hold up against weather damage and while some think this can make up a roof hatch that look industrial, this is not the case with FAKRO.

These materials are also designed to help insulate your home. A metal trim accompanied with PVC chambers filled with Styrofoam insulation makeup FAKRO roof hatches.

While these roof hatches are known for their insulating properties other manufactures will only focus on visual design. FAKRO believes in taking the extra step to focus on thermal design as well as highlight the aesthetics of the hatch when opened or shut. On top of that they deploy an easy one hand operation making it simple to us.

Interior decorators have no problem matching the aesthetic of a new roof hatch with existing architecture and décor, thanks to FAKRO’s universal design. This provides you with roof access that is creative as well as practical.

Some roof hatches can be adorned with hanging decorations or seasonal accents. Roof hatches and other access doors can even be disguised to blend with their surroundings, like with shelving units or ceiling design. For something as conceptually simple as a roof hatch, there is a multitude of options available.

Roof hatches can easily be disguised to be unnoticeable. Your roof hatch will be designed to match the interior of your ceiling and exterior of your roof in appearance. This means that it will likely be made of similar colors, making it easy to blend hatches into existing home designs without the inconvenience.

Roof Hatches Miscellaneous Benefits

Hatches are safe and convenient and have numerous other benefits for residential properties. FAKRO’s modern roof hatches are easily soundproofed using acoustic tiles in wall panels or ceiling tiles, with materials designed to blend into the environment.

Access doors can add protection from noise pollution and unwanted outdoor noises. FAKRO roof hatches are manufactured with gas springs which facilitate opening and closing the sash. The sash can be left in the open position and opened up to 60 degrees while the anti-slip tape insures safe access to the roof. FAKRO’s DRL roof hatch can be installed in combination with the FAKRO LML ladder.

FAKRO roofing products protect your home from adverse weather events because of their durability, leak prevention, and structural integrity. This is especially true of materials like galvanized steel that adds extra weather-resistance.

Steel is also resistant to weather and features a lighter weight. Roof hatches also prevent gusts of wind or drafts from entering the home. This can help improve energy efficiency over time. Since hatches can be disguised both inside and out, the function of the hatch never has to impose on the style of your home.

You can, however, choose to highlight your roof hatch by adding a skylight feature with the FAKRO DRF DU6 roof access skylight. This is an attractive option for many homeowners because it allows in extra sunlight.

Skylight features also help roof hatches improve your home because they afford you views of the day and nighttime skies. Skylight features can also allow more airflow. Added fresh air and natural light can even have health benefits like improving occupants’ moods, immune systems, and more.

Typically roof hatches cost as little as a few thousand dollars to install. The benefits of FAKRO roof hatches are diverse and really add up over time. FAKRO roof hatches tend to be a wise investment and often add value to homes far beyond what they cost to install. In fact, FAKRO roof hatches tend to be one of the more affordable, cost-effective upgrades to modern homes. 

Flat roof metal hatch DRL

Flat Metal Roof Hatches
Flat metal roof hatches DRL

The FAKRO Flat Roof Metal Hatch DRL is an insulated metal hatch for accessing a flat roof. It can be combined with the LML wide-step metal attic ladder or any FAKRO attic ladder for ease of access. The piston-assisted hatch stays open at a 80-degree angle while anti-slip covers on the frame ensure safe footing.


  • Includes insulated multi-chamber PVC curb and gas springs
  • Anti-slip tape on the base ensures safe access to the flat roof
  • The sash can be opened up to 80°
  • Intended for roofs with pitches between 0° and 5°
  • Can be mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 5.9″, for installation in green and living roofs
  • Option to install an additional ZBR lock which protects against accidental closure of the sash
  • Recommended in combination with the LML attic ladder of the same size
  • 10-year warranty

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