Replacement Skylights (Why Choose FAKRO Skylights)

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Replacement Skylights: Why Choose FAKRO?

Skylights have been a part of our homes for centuries. Accentuating the beauty of a home whilst offering natural benefits.

The aesthetic of a home depends on the additions which complement its infrastructure. Home skylights are a beautiful and prudent addition to make your home feel warmer and cozier. 

Even the ancient Romans were besotted with the idea of natural light pouring into their infrastructure, which led to their use of home skylights.

History vouches for them but if you’re wondering about having a skylight for home then here’s a list of benefits to help make up your mind!

Natural Lighting 

This is the main selling point for home skylights. With that nourishing sunlight pouring into your home and office, you’ll feel replenished and rejuvenated. Not to mention, it significantly reduces your exposure to artificial lighting. Take a look at the best skylights in the industry!

There are plenty of health benefits as well, thanks to more natural sunlight – increased amount of vitamin D which works wonders for your health. Owing to this, home skylights indirectly lead to improved sleep, health and even productivity!

Let’s not forget, sunlight will help keep your home warm, which is especially important during winter. It’ll also help save money by reducing costs, negating the need for a heater. 

Ensuring Ventilation

Skylights aren’t just for that natural light, that fresh flowing in keeps the room from becoming nauseating. Installing a model which can be opened has a plethora of benefits – letting off steam from showers, or in problematic situations, exiting smoke from a room. Overall it provides or increases healthy circulation of air in rooms which usually don’t get any.

Accentuating Your Home

Installing skylights really improve the aesthetic and overall beauty of a home. They are quite popular with people as well, which increases the overall value of your home.

In case you’re looking to sell or rent your home, know that having a skylight will only help you get a better amount. Skylights are a wonderful investment for the future. 

Emotional Stability 

Aside from the numerous physical benefits, home skylights really help you bask in fresh sunlight and with that healthy circulation of air, it aids in escaping seasonal depression.

With depression rampant in autumn and winter, the natural light trickling in will be quite enriching. Rest assured, that Skylight won’t let anything dampen your day.  

Well, there it is, skylights are a wonderful addition which adds nuance, mirth and warmth to your home. With a plethora of natural benefits coupled with it being a sound financial investment, skylights serve both a purpose and add depth. The only step remaining is to assess your options and buy one!

Why FAKRO Skylights Is The Best Choice For You

However, one can go wrong with choosing their home skylight and roof window manufacturers. There is a myriad of options, but one clearly stands out. 

When it comes to installing roof windows and skylights, only a select few can boast a similar collection, but none can match the history and quality of services provided by FAKRO Skylights. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1991, FAKRO Roof Windows and Skylights has been a pioneering leader and figurehead in roof manufacturing. Founded byRyszard Florek, the company quickly became and remains as the foremost and most dynamic in production of roof windows.

With satisfied and elated customers across the world, it prides itself on providing excellent services with the utmost focus on security, the safety of its customers whilst ensuring a positive environmental impact of their products. 

Ryszard Florek, co-founder and current president of the company, has been credited with and widely acknowledged for launching the production of roof windows in Poland.

With such glorious history behind it, let’s take a peek what FAKRO Skylights has to offer

Abundant Sunlight

The efficacy of FAKRO Skylights provides ample illumination of the room with natural light pouring in. With special emphasis on the frame and it’s profile combined with prudent choices in sash ensures a sound design for your Skylight.

The lighting of a room depends on the height of the window, the higher, the better. This knowledge coupled with their experience ensures excellent illumination of the room. 

Most Prudent Of Choices 

Despite skylights being a new line of European range of products provided by FAKRO, they already boast of amazing choices:

  • Venting Skylight FV
  • Fixed Skylight FX
  • Electrically operated venting skylight

Also, FAKRO Skylights employ a frame which is twice the thickness of any other wooden frame on the market. This trait imbues their product with a lot of essential qualities including but not limited to:

  • Eliminating installation elements outside the frame along the process of set-up quicker. 
  • Thicker frame with no metal attached means better insulation
  • Guarantee of water not touching the wooden surface and residing on the bottom of the Skylight’s corner. And plenty more to offer!

FAKRO Offers An Amazing Warranty

By offering protection against effects of inside condensation, FAKRO can practically guarantee a lifetime of the warranty. With the features listed above, it solidifies the quality of product further making the replacement skylights a wise choice. 

Simple Installation

Installation of your home replacement skylight has never been easier. With a simple and dedicated template, no attachment brackets on the frame’s exterior and all the essentials included, it practically makes it a one-man installation!

Leakproof Skylight

With all of its essentials including an original flashing kit and ice water shield membrane and simple instructions for installation, FAKRO skylights are practically leak-proof. It’s safe to say that FAKRO warrants a ten-year leak-proof installation.

Enduring Performance

With a modern production process, excellent raw materials, ease of installation and over-all exceptional quality at every stage of the process, FAKRO ensures the lasting and wonderful performance of your home skylights. 


FAKRO Skylights is a new endeavour yet is paving the way and setting an example for the rest. Leading the way in innovation and efficacy, it would be quite remiss to not avail of these services and products.

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