Pull Down Attic Stairs for Your Home: Best Attic Stairs Review

Attic Stairs by FAKRO

Best Attic Stairs For Your Home

Figuring out the best attic stairs for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make in home design. Picking the best attic stairs for your home is also a complex question.

The answer truly depends on a variety of factors. When looking at attic stairs, you need to keep in mind the unique architecture of your home. It also depends on whether your home is already constructed or about to be built.

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO
Fire-Rated Attic Stairs by FAKRO

The Qualities of the Best Attic Stairs

However, there are a number of important features that the best attic stairs usually have in common. When selecting a fire rated access ladder, you want to be sure you are getting the best attic stairs on the market.

This is an investment not only in your home but in your family’s safety. Like all such decisions, we know that this is not one homeowners weigh lightly.

If you are looking for an attic ladder to help make your attic space more productive, declutter your home, improve storage space, or increase your family’s emergency preparedness, we have you covered. FAKRO fire rated ladders are industry leaders in quality, ease of installation, and durability. All you need to do is pick the one that suits your home!

Pull Down Attic Stairs for Your Home By FAKRO USA

First Steps to Making the Right Choice

Since each home has different specifications for size, material, placement, and decor, every attic ladder installation is a unique project.

This means there is no single answer to the question of which is the best attic ladder to buy. That said, you should keep your eyes open for a number of vital features in any attic access ladder.

First, keep in mind some qualities unique to your home. You need to know where you want to install an attic ladder before you know the features you are looking for.

Where you want to install your attic ladder is one of the key questions to answer before picking one out. This ensures you pick a model that is compatible with your design. Make sure you measure the opening, at least approximately, and see if the attic ladders you are considering would work with it.

Different attic ladders use their own rough opening sizes, which is an important consideration for selecting the best model for you. You want as big an opening size as reasonably possible to keep your attic space from feeling cramped or preventing you from storing large items. Some situations simply require smaller sizes, but bigger is generally better.

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO
Attic Stairs by FAKRO

If you do not yet have a rough opening size, pick a spot in your home where an attic ladder would be easily accessible. Your spot should be between two ceiling joists, which you can find on your attic floor.

This makes certain your attic ladder descends into an open area free of obstructions like walls or furniture. You need to check your floor to ceiling height too. This is the second most important measurement after your rough opening.

For those who are tight on space, the FAKRO scissor attic ladders give a strong but smaller option. FAKRO’s scissor ladders bring the option of various opening sizes, including our smallest 22” x 31”.

This makes FAKRO’s scissor ladders a perfect option for homeowners who lack larger spaces. They are small enough to conveniently fit into a closet or other small space for easy access and small-item storage.

You need to consider what kind of insulation and fire-resistant qualities you want in an attic ladder. Most attics stay cold in the winter and very hot during the summer months.

An insulated attic ladder helps eliminate temperature fluctuations in bedrooms, hallways, and other living spaces. If you are installing your attic ladder in a garage, you may not need an insulated model.

However, check your local building codes, since you may need a fire rated attic ladder. Regulations often require that attic ladders be rated for at least 30 minutes. When you pick from FAKRO’s line of fire-rated attic access ladders, you can confidently choose knowing every model is fire-rated for at least this minimum. The FAKRO LSF model is even rated for 60 minutes!

FAKRO <a href=attic ladders come in a variety of styles to best suit your needs” class=”wp-image-239″/>
FAKRO attic ladders come in a variety of styles to best suit your needs

Selecting Your Fire-Rated Attic Ladder’s Materials

Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Typically, your choices will be between a wooden or metal attic ladder. Which material you want depends on your needs. Each also has its own unique aesthetic considerations. Metal attic ladders have a much higher load capacity, meaning you can use them for heavier equipment and larger items. In FAKRO’s metal attic ladders, we use steel, since it is strong, durable, and holds up under heavy weight. FAKRO attic ladders are designed never to morph, buckle, or bend.

Those who do not have such stringent load requirements can opt for a wooden attic ladder. These work great for storing normal household items or just providing safe, convenient access to your attic.


Accessories are a major part of choosing the best attic stairs. FAKRO manufactures a full line of accessories for our attic ladders so every installation is completed to the finest detail. Our LXH Metal Handrail can mount to your ladder for added support, while the LXB-U Balustrade Barriers surround the entry point in your attic to protect an accidental fall through the opening.

FAKRO’s LXW-B Upper Hatch adds a door above your attic stairs to further keep out debris and improve insulation. Finally, our LXL Trim Kit takes all the guesswork out of giving your attic ladder the perfect finished look.

Be sure to take a look at 17 ways an attic ladder can benefit your home!

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