Pull-down Attic Stairs (11 Benefits for Your Home)

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO

11 Awesome Benefits of Pull-down Attic Stairs

Are you considering getting pull-down attic stairs for your home? Before you invest in attic stairs, you want to know the benefits. Go over some of the top reasons people get attic ladders, and you will see this is a wise investment. At FAKRO, we have some of the most popular Attic Ladders in the country.

1. Quick Access

If you currently use a step ladder to get into your attic, you know what a pain it can be. You have to grab the ladder and move it to the right location to access your attic. This is a huge waste of time. When you have pull-down attic stairs, you can quickly and easily access your attic anytime you want.

2. Safer Than Standard Ladders

Standard ladders aren’t attached to anything, so you put yourself at risk when you climb the stairs. If the ladder isn’t level, it could fall. Also, someone could bump into it, causing it to shake, which can make you lose your balance. Pull-down attic ladders are much safer. The stairs are attached, so you don’t have to worry about them shaking or falling.  

Attic Ladder by FAKRO
Attic Ladder by FAKRO

3. Energy-efficient

Did you know that pull-down attic stairs can be energy-efficient? You can choose insulated attic stairs to ensure that air doesn’t leak in or out of your attic. This can help you lower your energy bills.

4. More Affordable Than a Stationary Staircase

Stationary staircases are expensive. Most homeowners don’t have the budget or the time to deal with the project. Pull-down attic ladders are much more affordable while still giving you access to the attic.

5. Concealed When Not in Use

Pull-down attic stairs are only visible when in use. When you fold up and close the stairs, they disappear in the ceiling. FAKRO even conceals the hardware on insulated attic stairs, so they are entirely invisible.

Because attic ladders are concealed when they aren’t in use, they also take up less space than traditional staircases. Think of what you can do with that extra space.

6. Fire Protection

FAKRO has fire-resistant attic ladders. These ladders can block fire and prevent it from spreading. When you get fireproof attic stairs, you are protecting your home and your family.

7. Increase the Value of Home

Your home is your biggest investment, and you want it to increase in value as much as possible. Pull-down attic stairs can help you get more value out of your home. This home improvement increases the value of your house, so you can sell it for more when the time comes. It will also be easier to sell because this is such a popular feature.

8. Maintain Your Home

Did you know that an attic ladder can help you maintain your home? If your attic is easy to access, you’re more likely to inspect the ductwork, wiring, piping, insulation, and more. Then you will make repairs as needed instead of waiting for something catastrophic to happen. You want to take great care of your home, so attic stairs are necessary.

9. Get More Use Out of Your Attic

Do you want to use your attic for more than storage? Maybe you want to turn it into an office or a game room. You might even want to use your attic as an extra bedroom. When you install pull-down attic stairs, you’ll make it easier to access your attic. That means you can finally use your attic the way you’d like.

10. Convenient Solution for Different Applications

Did you know that pull-down attic stairs work for more than just attics? You can all use them for other storage spaces or to get rooftop access. Many people install several attic ladders in their homes so they can access various areas.  

11. Easy Installation

You might think you’ll have to hire a company to install your pull-down attic stairs, but that’s not the case if you choose FAKRO. The preassembled ladders are so easy to install, you can do it yourself.

Enjoy These Benefits and More

These are just some of the benefits you’ll get with pull-down ladders from FAKRO. Decide the type of pull-down attic stairs you’d like and make your purchase. Then you’ll get to enjoy all the exciting benefits.