German Design Award Winner: FAKRO: DXW Flat Roof Window

German Design Award Winner 2019 - FAKRO

German Design Award Winner: FAKRO: DX W Flat Roof Window

The design of FAKRO products, a global manufacturer of roof windows, has once again been awarded. This time, an international jury decided to give the prestigious German Design Award Winner 2019 to an extraordinary FAKRO DXW “walkable” flat roof window. Type G flat roof windows and new products in the range of FAKRO – INNOVIEW vertical windows are among awarded products in the “Special Mention” category.

The prizes are awarded by the German Design Council which consists of design experts from the industrial and scientific sectors. Awards are granted exclusively to those projects that make a pioneering contribution to the design environment.

The German Design Council is one of the world’s leading competence centres in the field of design. In addition to designers, the jury includes owners and directors of numerous renowned companies.

The award-winning DXW flat roof window features not only innovative design, but also functionality. A special design with enhanced load capacity and non-slip coating ensure complete safety and comfort when walking across terraces or flat roofs.

”We are proud that our products are appreciated not only for their outstanding quality, but also for innovation and functionality. We pay a lot of attention to the design and aesthetics of the products since these factors make a difference, which is extremely important especially in the international arena”, commented by Sławomir Gawlik, FAKRO Group Marketing Director.

FAKRO received the “Special Mention” category for its type F flat roof window which is an interesting option providing illumination for rooms under flat roofs.

The awarded INNOVIEW vertical windows allow to design unique interiors with aesthetics and atmosphere inside fully used to build an exceptional character of the interior. FAKRO takes advantage of modern solutions to create interiors that are open to the surrounding world.

Walkable Skylight DXW

The FAKRO Walkable Skylight DXW offers a completely new approach to be taken with flat roof design.

This flat roof window has a specially strengthened sash and frame made from multi-chamber PVC profiles which enables you to walk across the entire surface safely. Its features such as non-slip coating and safe glazing unit offer a modern design, high quality of finish and do not spoil its aesthetics.


  • Allows to walk across its entire surface freely
  • Frame made from multiple chamber PVC profiles
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the window, Uw = 0.12 Btu/h ftF
  • Anti-slip coating ensures the safety of use
  • Ensures the illumination of the room under the window
  • Increased resistance to moisture
  • Highly energy efficient and safe glazing units
  • Increased resistance to break-in attempts thanks to reinforced design
  • Range of internal accessories

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