Fire-Rated Attic Ladder: 13 Reasons You Need One

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO

13 reasons why every home needs a fire-rated attic ladder.

Deciding on whether to install a fire-rated attic ladder is a critical choice. It pays for every homeowner to be aware of the benefits of fire rated ladders for attics. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the numerous benefits that installing a fire-resistant attic ladder can bring to their home.

If you are unsure why you need a fire-resistant attic ladder in your home, this article will show you. Or, you are wondering whether you can afford a fire rated attic ladder or if it is worth the money, this article is also for you.

FAKRO has the best fire rated attic ladders available today. We make it our top priority to produce the best products at affordable prices. Our mission is to keep our customers safe and happy in their homes for years to come.

With that in mind, we not only manufacture our products but also continue to provide homeowners with the information and resources they need. We hope that this article helps you make a responsible, informed decision for you and your family.

Here are just 13 of the many reasons you need a fire-rated ladder for your attic:

1.) Do building codes require fire-rated attic ladders?

As homeowners and jurisdictions become more aware of how to improve building safety, building codes and regulations continue to evolve. More and more building codes require the use of fire rated ladders for attics, improving the safety of occupants.

If you are constructing a new home, check your local building requirements to see if you need a fire rated ladder.

2.) Can an attic ladder improve my home’s energy efficiency?

Fire-rated ladders help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Modern ladders are designed to be adequately insulated, both in design and product materials. Quality ladders are certified by various energy efficiency and quality assurance organizations.

3.) Are attic ladders useful for homeowners?

This is one of the most classic reasons to install an attic ladder at all. Allowing easy access to your attic makes it usable for storage or other purposes. Ease of access also makes maintenance and repairs on your home far less complicated. This can even save you money by letting you more quickly discover problems with mold, mildew, or your roof’s interior.

4.) Are attic ladders durable?

Modern fire rated ladders for attics are designed to strict quality and safety standards. They are built to be durable, lasting for many years after installation.

5.) Do they come with warranties?

Yes. Every FAKRO ladder comes with a warranty. Insulated attic ladders are covered under our two-year warranty, while non-insulated ladders receive one-year coverage. Our warranties are designed to protect our customers from any foreseeable problems.

6.) How can fire-resistant features improve my home’s safety?

Fire-resistant attic ladders improve the safety of your home. They are designed to help protect your home from fire and prevent it from spreading. FAKRO ladders operate as blaze blocks in the event part of your home catches fire.

Ladder hatches are produced using fireproof materials designed to stand up under intense heat. Gaskets in the inner part of ladder frames expand when exposed to high heat to prevent smoke from entering your attic.

7.) Can attic ladders reduce moisture, noise, dust, and other air pollutants?

Modern attic ladders are designed with high-quality insulating materials. They can help prevent these common household problems from arising or becoming worse.

8.) Do attic ladders cost more than other options?

A full size, stationary staircase can be far more costly and time-consuming to install than an attic ladder. Your attic ladder can be installed on the same day it is delivered to your home. Your new attic ladder will be ready to use in a matter of hours.

9.) Will an attic ladder look good in my house?

Some homeowners use stepladders or other objects to reach their attic entryways. These are unsightly. These objects also take up extra space if they need to be stored nearby.

FAKRO’s fire-rated attic ladders are sealed into the ceiling so that they are wholly concealed once closed. Their lids are paintable so they can be colored to match any ceiling. Other accessories like handrails and ladder ends are available for most models to enhance them further.

10.) Are attic ladders safe?

Attic ladders are much safer than most alternatives. Homeowners who use stepladders or other objects to enter their attics are far more likely to fall. Falls can be serious, even from a height as low as your ceiling.

Having a secured attic ladder is much safer than an object that can be toppled over or thrown off-balance. Step Ladders are also far less comfortable to use than dedicated attic ladders.

11.) Are they convenient to use?

Installing a dedicated attic ladder is the easiest way to make storage space in your attic convenient and accessible. Without an attic ladder, you are forced to get a ladder every time you need to access your attic. This makes it less likely you will take advantage of this extra storage space, further cluttering your home or garage. FAKRO attic ladders are quick and straightforward to operate. Just unlock a flush-insulated hatch and guide the stairs as they extend toward the floor.

12.) Are they difficult to install?

FAKRO fire resistant attic ladders are pre-assembled. They include the ladder, frame, and hardware in one package. That means your attic ladder is ready to install as soon as it arrives.

13.) Can my ladder be customized?

FAKRO fire rated attic ladders can be easily customized for your ceiling’s height, color, and design. Optional and included accessories mean you can change product appearance and functionality at will. It really is up to you how to style your fire rated attic ladder.

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