How FAKRO Skylights Changed one Customer’s Outlook On Her Home

FAKRO Skylights

Many homeowners search Pinterest or drive by other homes to find inspiration for their own homes. Some ask, “What can I do to my home to make it look good on the outside and make it feel good on the inside?” or “How can I make my home stand out without breaking the bank?”

One customer, Anna Zaorski reached back out to FAKRO to let them know how installing their skylights made her home standout in her neighborhood as well as completely redesigned the entire structure and feel of her home.

FAKRO Skylights

While skylights add an aesthetic look to a room there are many more reasons skylights are a great decision for all homeowners.

“FAKRO skylights beat the competition by a long haul.”

Anna did a lot of research on skylights with her husband before deciding on which brand to install. One area of concern for both of them was which brand is less likely to leak. While talking to their friends about their future plans to install skylights, one of them suggested she check out FAKRO skylights since it was their #1 choice when installing their own.

Her friends had already had the skylights for 8 years and had no signs of leaking as well as no signs of wear and tear on the outside. While all four seasons in Chicago are notorious for harsh weather the outside of the skylights have remained in perfect condition even after going through several hail storms over the years. 

Anna got back on the web to gather some last minute information and weeks later they made the decision to go with FAKRO. As Anna and her husband claim, “FAKRO skylights beat the competition by a long haul.” When asked what specifically stood out to them about the skylights they said,

“The price was the best part as they had lower costs everywhere we looked and the fact our friends absolutely loved them made it feel like it was a right decision. They sort of looked a little bit more elegant and European in a way”.

FAKRO Skylights

Exposure to the sun put her family in a better mood

Skylights are known to bring in sunlight but the benefits don’t just stop at naturally brighter looking rooms.

With more and more people spending more time indoors on their tablets or TV’s with no intensions of going out the feeling of isolation and unproductivity will greatly increase over time.

The world is transitioning to an indoor life. Meaning, why go out when everything can be done on your phone or tablet? Why drive all the way to a restaurant for takeout when a simple app can be the bridge that connects human communication without actual human interaction?

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, exposure to sunlight improves our moods. Therefore making us feel more positive during the day. By even just giving our body’s 30 minutes of sunlight exposure a day boosts overall health!

No need for light boxes or damaging UV lighting when skylights naturally infuse your home and soak in as much light as they can during the day. This is the route Anna and her family chose and in return paid off within days!

Anna had purchased a total of six skylights for her home; three  FAKRO FX skylights were installed in her living room between each wooden beam in her arched ceiling, two FAKRO FV skylights were installed in her kitchen and one FAKRO DEF flat roof skylight in their hallway ceiling. The moment the installers finished up she couldn’t believe she was standing in the same home.

FAKRO Skylights

“My house instantly became like, 20 times bigger. I was not prepared to see as much space in the certain rooms they were in like that. It’s like I would walk in the room and feel like I had all this additional space I needed to fill and stuff that was already in the rooms actually stood out to me.” she said

“I had a giraffe statue in my living room I totally forgot about until I was able to see it with all the extra light!” she joked

Anna had mentioned her and her family regularly hung out together and always gathered around the living room for daily talks and movie watching. Now she says their hangouts still consist of the same activities but she can tell everyone seems a little bit up-lifted.

“Everyone seems to want to talk a little bit more. I am not sure if it’s because of the skylights or what but I feel like we all are having conversations that last a little bit longer and are a little bit more on the positive side of things.” said Anna.

While her and her families have been enjoying the new light so have their friends. The couple’s neighborhood friends who Anna took advice from on purchasing the FAKRO skylights had come over to their home after the remodel and soaked in the light with Anna and her husband almost every day since.

“They love to entertain and I feel as if the skylights give them just another reason to have people over for drinks. They really like having stuff that makes them stand out and be different and these really did that for them” added her friend.

Get creative and customize your skylights to your needs

Anna is not the only one with great reviews after installing skylights in her home. Hundreds of home owners are reconsidering adding skylights and many architects and building designers are adding skylights into their design plans.

Skylights essentially make the world a “greener place”. They help reduce energy costs while keeping your home warm in the winter using the suns heat and keep it cool in the summer with the ability to add blinds that transmit no light. Purchasing skylights that open up for ventilation are a huge benefit on top of their energy efficiency quality.

By having venting skylights you remove the stale air in your home and replace it with fresh air from floor to ceiling. FAKRO’s electrically venting skylights use rain sensor technology so you won’t even have to worry about closing them in case you forget.

Those who are a little bit more tech savvy have an option to purchase the same skylights that operate on the Z-Wave System. Meaning those Alexa and Google Home users can open their skylights by simply saying, “Hey Alexa/Google, open my skylights”.

Whether you’re designing a new home or renovating an existing one, the benefits of skylights go beyond your roof. They pay off within moments of installation and in the long run will continue saving the user money. Skylights are not just seen as a luxury item anymore but as a means to live a healthier life. Transform any ordinary home to a luxury home with skylights!