FAKRO Shades: Delivers User Privacy and Energy Savings

FAKRO Skylight Shades

As the summer days get longer, blinds become much more necessary.

Greenhouses are built of clear materials so sun can enter and fill them up with heat in order to promote growth. Essentially, homes with windows work the same way but on a smaller scale. According to the Department of Energy, about 76% of sunlight that shines onto double-pane windows enters the home converted to heat. As easy as it is for heat to enter it easily escapes.

All FAKRO skylights and roof windows have a low-e coating to improve thermal performance and help lower energy costs.

Along with low-e glass, FAKRO has a huge line of skylight accessories that promote additional energy saving.

FAKRO provides a variety of blinds and shades to best suit the style and coverage a customer may need.

While some prefer internal blinds, the R -value is much less. External blinds beat the heat before it even touches a window. This mean the sun’s rays are bounced back and no heat is trapped between the blinds and the window pane.

Whichever blind is used there is one common factor many users enjoy other than saving energy. FAKRO shades give the user privacy when they need it. Now the idea of installing a skylight in a bathroom where many prefer natural daylight is practical and stylish.

FAKRO skylights are Energy Star® rated.

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