FAKRO’s Participation at the AIA Conference 2019

FAKRO’s Participation at the AIA Conference 2019

Early June FAKRO began to prepare and build its booth for the AIA Conference held in various locations every year.

This year’s conference was held in Las Vegas, a location already known for show stopping sites which now included FAKRO’s competitive display of products that were brought to the table at the show. It was a booth set up to capture the eyes of many architects and leave everyone impressed.

FAKRO products on display included, the LST scissor attic ladder, FXC curb mounted skylight, DRF flat roof access skylight and the crowd pleasing FGH-V balcony window which happened to be also be the first time it was put on display at a show.

FAKRO America at the AIA Conference 2019

Almost every single architect and other attendees that walked passed the booth had stop to see and ask questions about all the unique products FAKRO had to offer.

“It’s like, I know there are already attic ladders out on the market but this actually stands out! I am actually wowed and impressed on the ladder’s appearance and durability. It’s a practical product that someone finally got it down right.” said an attendee to a FAKRO representative after watching him  unfold and walk up and down the LST ladder.

Another attendee commented on the FGH-V balcony window and said, “It’s different than any other product out there because it’s actually built correctly. The handrails slide in and nothing sticks out when it’s closed. Whether it’s open or closed it always looks elegant.”

This year conference helped FAKRO display those products and show everyone in attendance that FAKRO is serious about being two steps ahead of the game and is ready to take over the skylight and attic ladder industry in the United States. Conferences and tradeshows like AIA give them that moment to connect with those who are and are not familiar with FAKRO and show them what they can do.

At the end FAKRO rep. and National Sales Representative Greg Gesicki commented saying, “This show not only gave us a chance to show what we got but gave us all a chance to connect with important people who told us what more they want and what’s missing in their projects. We already took over some of the market with unique and practical designs now it’s time to take all of it and give them what they want.”

FAKRO is already preparing to bring more to the table for AIA in 2020 and hopes to grab the attention of new attendees and see those from the previous years.

FAKRO America Booth Setup at AIA 2019

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