External Blinds For Your Home

External Blinds

External Blinds for Your House

External Blinds: Covering windows is essential to climate control and managing your energy bills. Read more about how these blinds work!

All About External Blinds

External awning blinds protect against the heat of the sun. They absorb solar radiation even before it reaches the window and emit it outside, thus preventing an increase of temperature in the room.

Thermal radiation which passes through the glass is absorbed by an internal screen. Then, it turns into the long wave infrared radiation (heat) which is not transmitted through the window glass to the outside – the screen radiates heat into the room acting as a heater. This leads to an undesirable heat gain in the room, especially from the south on sunny, hot days. Internal accessories are used predominantly to control incoming light and decorate the interior.

External blinds are a great addition to your home to help temperature control
External blinds are a great addition to your home to help temperature control

Windows covered with the awning blinds, as opposed to eternal roller shutters, allow the influx of natural light. The awning blinds allow the passage of sufficient light so as not to necessitate the use of any additional light sources.

The solar VMZ awning blind covering a vertical window, in addition to protection against excessive heat gain inside the room, acts as an insect screen. When the window is open, the awning blind prevents insects from entering the interior.

When pulled down, the awning blind ensures visual contact with the external environment. You can easily view the surroundings and yet have privacy from any observers who might be tempted to take a peek inside.

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