Egress Windows and Your Family’s Safety

Egress Windows

Everything you need to know about Egress Windows (2020)

Egress windows are an essential component to ensuring your family’s safety. This is why more and more localities are requiring that new homes be built with egress windows.

Many are also requiring homeowners who are renovating to install egress windows for safety. Without egress windows in your home, you could face far worse than a legal or financial loss — you may be unknowingly putting yourself and your family at great risk.

Every year, more than 2,500 people get killed and 12,000 injured in residential fires. On average, more than 358,000 domestic fires are reported annually. Around seven individuals die in house fires every day. Installing egress windows is an important part of protecting your family in case of an emergency.

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What Is an Egress Window?

Egress windows are windows that are required in specific places within your home for use as emergency exits. Along with things like fire-rated attic ladders and modern fire alarm systems, egress windows are a vital component of domestic safety.

Egress windows must meet minimum size requirements to be considered emergency exits. Egress windows are required by most safety codes in bedrooms and any rooms (such as an attic or basement) where someone may sleep.

Egress Windows: Best Choice of Roof Windows in America

When placed on upper levels, egress windows can also be paired with roof ladders or attic ladders for quick, safe access. This is because roof ladders give you the ability to easily access your roof whenever necessary. Modern domestic designs like egress windows or roof ladders create a far safer environment for your family should an emergency occur.

Where Does My Home Need Egress Windows?

Safety codes require that each room that could be used for sleeping, on all floors of the home, as well as basements and attics with habitable space, has an egress window.

Newly constructed homes must have an egress window in every bedroom to pass inspection. Egress windows are also necessary for the basement if it will be a finished, habitable space.

An egress window is required for each individual bedroom in a basement or attic. When placed in an attic, the egress window should have a roof ladder for easy access.

These regulations also apply to existing homes with plans to add furnished rooms or basements. Along with egress windows, attic ladders are one of the best investments in modern home safety you can make.

Are Special Kinds of Windows Necessary?

Egress windows only have minimum size and opening requirements. Casement windows that have hinged sashes can still meet egress window requirements while being relatively small. All that codes usually require is that casement windows can swing free and clear of the opening.

What Are the Minimum Size Specifications for Egress Windows?

While codes can vary from city to city and state to state, there are universal guidelines for egress windows. Make sure to check with your local city office for your locale’s specific requirements. However, there are four International Residential Code (IRC) specifications your window will have to meet to be considered an egress window. These are:

  • 24 inches minimum height of opening
  • 20 inches minimum width of opening
  • 5.7 square feet (5 square feet for ground floors) minimum net clear opening
  • 44 inches maximum sill height above the floor

Egress windows need to have at least 5.7 (or 5) square feet of net clear opening, which means the free and clear space present when the window is opening. This is the actual size of the opening the person is able to crawl through — not the glass panel or rough opening sizes.

Egress windows must be openable from inside the room and should not require keys or tools to operate. You can have grilles, grates, or bars installed over your egress windows. However, these must also be operational without keys or tools. And these coverings must not interfere with your windows minimum clear opening.

Egress Windows in Attics and Basements

Egress windows in basements have a few special requirements in addition to width, height, and square footage. Window wells for egress windows in basements must let rescue window openings be fully opened and provide 9 square feet of floor area. The floor area has to be at least 36 inches in length and width.

Also, basement egress windows need to have permanent ladders or steps to help climb out of the window well. Ladders are only needed if window wells are more than 44 inches deep.

Even if your basement egress window well is a bit less than 44 inches, a ladder can still be a good idea. Just as with a roof ladder, ladders in basement egress windows greatly improves safety.

For basement egress window ladders, they must be 12 inches wide or more and cannot project less than 3 inches in front of the well. Ladders cannot be obstructed by open windows or effect the window well’s minimum dimensions by more than 6 inches.

Egress windows that are underneath porches or decks have to be 48 inches or more between the tops of window wells and porch or deck joists.

Remember, not only do egress windows give you and your family a safe way out, but they also give firefighters and emergency workers a quick way in. Like attic ladders, egress windows enable emergency services to help get everyone safely out of your home in a crisis.

Combining egress windows in basements with ladders, or on upper floors with roof ladders, improves their utility and makes your family safer.

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Egress Window (FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to install egress windows on an older home?

Since egress windows are an essential safety feature, you should install them on an older home. The safety upgrade will allow you to meet code requirements and keep your loved ones safe while inside the house.

When is it time to replace egress windows?

Egress windows show the same signs of aging, wear, and tear as other windows do. If your windows are drafty or condensation has built up between the panes, it’s time to replace them before your energy bills start to increase, and you have other issues.

Can egress windows be installed at any time of the year?

Yes. While many people think they must wait until the warm months, egress windows can be installed in the winter as needed. Installation companies can use warming blankets to soften the ground when installing basement egress windows and can make sure the roof is free of ice when installing attic windows.

Can I get a balcony egress window?

Absolutely. If you choose balcony windows, make sure they are large enough. As long as they meet the size requirements, you can have balcony egress windows. Then, you can have the safety of an egress window with the aesthetics of a balcony window.

What is the most popular egress window for attics?

Many people prefer a center pivot egress window. Because the sash can be opened in different positions, you have control over how much fresh air you bring inside. It’s also easy to operate, making it an ideal egress window.

Can skylights meet egress window requirements?

Yes, some skylights meet the requirements. Skylights must be a minimum of 44 inches from the floor to meet the egress window requirements. You can get help when purchasing a skylight to make sure it is an egress window.

Can awning windows meet egress requirements?

Technically, awning windows can meet egress requirements, but it’s tricky. The windows don’t open as wide as other styles, so you have to be careful and make sure that your windows are up to code. It’s wise to speak to someone familiar with building codes in your area before buying an awning egress window.

Can I install an egress window where I don’t currently have a window?

Yes, you can. While many people install egress windows to enlarge their existing windows, some homeowners install egress windows in new places such as the attic. If you want to add more windows to your home and make it safer, egress windows are an excellent option.

How long does it take to install egress windows?

If you hire an installation company, the process can be completed in approximately one day. Many people are surprised by that. They expect it to take far longer because the window opening must be enlarged, but it’s a relatively fast process.

Can installing egress windows increase the value of my home?

Yes. One of the added benefits of adding egress windows is that it brings your home up to code, thus adding to its value. If you want to increase your home’s value quickly, this is a good option.

Will an egress window help brighten up my attic?

Absolutely. A large egress window will bring in more sunlight, which will brighten your attic. If your attic is currently dark when the lights are on, it’s probably due to the size of your windows. That makes egress windows an excellent solution.

Do I need a permit before installing an egress window?

While it depends on where you live, you’ll most likely need a permit before installing an egress window. The installation company will likely handle the permit for you, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Are egress windows energy-efficient?

Yes, you can buy energy-efficient egress windows that let the light in without letting in the elements. Energy-efficient egress windows are the right choice since they can lower your energy bills and ensure your attic and the rest of your home stays comfortable, even when the outside temperature is hot or cold.