Egress and Basement Windows (Things You Should Know)

Egress and Basement Windows (Things You Should Know)

About Egress and Basement Windows

Windows are the most essential architectural facets of one’s property that plays a vital role in maintaining your ideal indoor temperature, boosting energy efficiency and enhancing your home value.

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Here are some key points about the egress windows that you should know:

What is an Egress Window?

An egress window is an emergency exit in case of emergencies, mostly installed in domestic houses. There are a lot of things you should know about and how an egress window or basement window work.

Nowadays a lot of homeowners are installing egress windows in their homes. These can be of various uses. 

These windows act as a generous source of natural light to enter the places like the basement and attic, which were mostly used as storage or laundry room.

However, recently basements and attics are converted into rooms that can be inhibited and egress windows have become a necessity in the houses.

Emergency exit: these windows are basically emergency exits which are used in cases of fire or other emergencies. This has become a necessity as each year due to residential fire more than 2500 people die and around Every day around 7-8 members die in house fires.

It is mandatory to build an egress window that will help your family members during emergencies.

Where do you install an Egress Window?

An egress window is installed in certain places inside your house. These windows should easily accessible to people residing in the house so that they can be rescued during an emergency. An egress window is an extended version of fire-alarm and swiftly used attic ladders.

Egress windows on higher levels: when these windows are built in the upper levels of the house they need to be built on the roof. One thing that should be kept in mind is to build it near the attic ladder as it would be much easier to access. 

Where should you install Egress windows?

For the sake of safety, these windows should be built in every room where there is inhibition like the floors, attics, and basements. 

If you have constructed a new home then an egress window should be installed in every room including attics and basements. When you install an egress window in an attic, always have a roof ladder for easy and quick access.  

Where should we install it in our existing home?

If you have a home that is quite old then you should install your egress window in the attic or basement windows as emergency exits. Egress window with attic ladders will be one of the best investments one can make.

Why is it necessary to have an egress window or basement window?

An egress window or basement window acts as an emergency exit, why do we prefer them? Because this special kind of windows has minimum space and requirement as such these window can be easily installed and used. In the case of an egress window in the attic, they are much easier to install as the roof doesn’t have much hassle.

What are basement windows?

Basement windows are a minimum sized special full opening window that helps in time of emergencies. They can meet the requirement of an egress window apart from its size. Basement windows are relatively smaller in size than the size of egress windows. Basement windows are clear of opening and can swing free. 

Guidelines of the size of these windows

Egress windows have universal guidelines. For these guidelines, you have to check with your local city office for your local requirements. However, there are four usual sizes which are:

* 20 inches minimum width of the opening

* 24 inches minimum height of the opening

* 5.7 square feet (5 square feet for ground floors) minimum net clear opening

* 44 inches maximum sill height above the floor

How should Egress Windows be made?

Egress windows can be made without any lock or other things which consume time in opening it. However, you can install bars or grill outside but it should not affect the opening of the window.

Egress windows installed in the house requires some special sort of guidelines like height, size, and foot width. Egress windows built in the attic should be near the attic ladder for easier access.

Also, basement windows should have ladders installed too so they can be easily used by climbing on to it. Egress windows or basement windows keep your family safer. 

Except for height, width, and size egress windows following things are also taken into consideration for its maintenance,

  • Keep the egress window opening fully opened.
  • Keep 9 ft of floor distance.
  • The egress window should be 36 inches in length and breadth,
  • Should also have an affixed ladder of 44 inches.
  • The ladder should be 3 in. high and 12 in. wide. 

Is it necessary to install an egress window in your old home?

Yes, it is. As mentioned above these windows act as emergency exits and not only that these help firefighters and emergency rescuers to get inside the house safely and harmlessly.

These things should be noted that these windows are of high usefulness. This code requirement will let you and your loved ones stay safe from hazards. 

When do we have to replace the egress windows? 

The egress windows are exactly like other windows and they show aging, wear, and tear. If those windows become drafty or have condensation on the panes you might have to change it because these not only eat your energy consumption but also puts you in danger.

What is the time taken to install an egress window?

It’ll take less than a day if you hire a company to make it. However, people think that it’s a lengthy process and leave it.

These are the few things you should be aware of before installing an egress window or basement window. The one thing that should be noted that these serve as a great source of light, and also save your loved ones from harm.