Deck Mounted vs Curb Mounted Skylights

Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Roof Windows

A skylight is a great way to let natural light, add ventilation, and even make a room feel a bit bigger. In colder regions, skylights are great as they let in sunlight during the winter to help warm the space. While in warmer regions, skylights can let in natural sunlight and collect a breeze of fresh air.

Skylights Are Great For Natural Lighting

FAKRO’s Skylights are great for areas that cannot have lighting from outside walls, just like in malls or stores. When at your home, they can be placed in the center, where outside walls are unable to have windows, or just to add a coolness-feel at home.

And for those who do not like the idea of taking out walls or putting holes in ceilings, there are two styles of skylights: Deck Mounted and Curb Mounted Skylights.

Deck Mounted Skylights

Deck Mounted Skylights
Deck Mounted Skylights

A deck mount skylight is attached to the roof deck. Its engineered curbs and matching cladding and flashing kits are easier to install. You do not need to build and watertight the curb; as it comes with a built-in frame/curb, and you need to seal it using waterproof materials (underlayments). A flashing kit is also used to cover the seam and the underlayment, to make the installation water-tight.

This is the classic skylight design people think of when they imagine a skylight. A deck mount skylight allows most ventilation and unrestricted views of the sky, but installation requires significant construction on your roof deck. This fits well in homes with higher pitches, when the exterior look is more important, then a deck mount skylight is needed.

When selecting a deck-mounted versus curb mounted skylight consider the type of area it will be going into, due to the roof pitch. For example, Commercial buildings are likely to have a flat or low-pitched roof, in these cases a curb mounted skylight would be necessary. 

Unlike residential houses where there is a higher pitch. It’s not to say that all commercial and residential homes have these types of roofing but on the roof pitch. 

Curb Mounted Skylights

A curb-mounted skylight sits on top of an angled frame that runs along the edge of the roof. This frame is usually made out of aluminum and covers up a part of the roof, but requires less construction than a deck-mounted skylight. It requires building a curb (a wood curb) and attaching it to the roof deck around the roof opening. 

The skylight only includes a frame with insulated glass panes and, often, rubber gaskets and a flashing system. It can be flash asphalt roofs, shake roofs, or tile roofs, but does not need to be reflashed if needs to be changed. 

Curb mounted skylights are typically used for flat roofs or roofs with low pitches, specifically under 14 degrees.

Curb-mounted is better when it comes to areas that will need to be replaced frequently or a replacement to an older skylight. These are also typically the more cost-effective option that has a standard size, while deck mounted to have a great deal more custom option. FAKRO’s FXC and FVX-S curb mounted skylights can also be rotated 360 degrees in any directions. Letting the customer have full range how and where they want their skylight to be placed.

Easiest way to picture a curb mounted skylight is like a shoe box where the skylight sits on the curb like a lid sit on top of a shoe box.

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