Attic Ladders (Choosing the Best in the Industry)

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO

The Best Attic Ladders in the Industry

You know that attic ladders have lots of benefits, so you’re considering installing one. Before you purchase pull-down attic stairs, you want to do some research.

You know it’s essential to choose the best company for the attic stairs, but you aren’t sure what company that is. Get some information on what to expect when you choose the best company and how to find it. Then, you’ll be ready to buy pull-down attic stairs for your home.

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO
Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO

Check Reviews and Lists

When looking for pull-down attic stairs, spend some time checking out review sites. You can read customer reviews and check out lists that go over the best attic ladder options and companies. During your research, you’ll discover that FAKRO has lots of 5-star reviews and enthusiastic testimonials. You’ll also see the company has made it on numerous lists. That’s a good indication that you can trust FAKRO when buying a pull-down ladder for your attic.

Easy Installation

You don’t want to hire a company to install in your attic stairs. That’s expensive, plus it’s hard to coordinate. After all, you have other obligations, so you can’t just wait at home for a company to arrive. Instead, you need to choose a company that offers attic stairs that are fully assembled and ready to install. Again, FAKRO is the company of choice. The pre-assembled attic stairs are so easy to install that many people do it alone, without any additional help. Even if you do need help, it’s not more than a two-person job. You can knock it out quickly and then start using your attic ladder.

Attic Ladder Warranties

Did you know that some attic ladders come without warranties? If something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it. That can be quite costly. Fortunately, companies like FAKRO include warranties on all products.  Because these ladders are so well made, you likely won’t need to file a claim. Still, it’s nice to have the extra protection in case something does happen. If it does, you won’t have to pay out of your pocket to fix the ladder as long as the warranty is still in effect.

FAKRO Attic Ladders

Concealed Hardware

You don’t want everyone to notice that you have pull-down attic stairs. Instead, you want the stairs to remain hidden when they aren’t in use. While some ladders have exposed hardware, that isn’t the case with FAKRO’s insulated ladders. The hardware is hidden, so people won’t notice you have attic stairs. Also, the lid is paintable, so you won’t have any trouble matching it with your ceiling.

Lots of Options

You might be surprised to learn all the options you have when it comes to pull-down attic stairs. While some companies only have wood attic stairs, FAKRO has a range of choices for customers. You can stick with traditional wood attic stairs or get metal. If you want something unique, FAKRO has metal scissor attic ladders. These stylish stairs are sure to get some compliments if you pull them down when people are over. Even though these stairs are unique, they are just as easy to install as traditional options. That means you can get something cool without going to any extra trouble.


Did you know that the best attic ladders in the industry are available at multiple locations? You can buy FAKRO attic ladders from online and physical retailers. Companies stock the ladders because they know they are the best, and they know that’s what their customers want. They need to keep them in stock to keep their customers happy.

Get the Best Attic Stairs

FAKRO has the best attic stairs around, and you can easily find the set you want. You can download the product catalog online to begin looking for attic stairs. Once you find what you want, you can go to a local retailer or order the stairs online. Then install the stairs, and you’ll be ready to use them. Going to your attic will be so much easier once you install your new FAKRO pull-down attic stairs. Plus, these stairs are a safe way to access your attic and will even add to your home’s value.