Amazing New Walkable Skylight

Walkable skylight

FAKRO’s State of the Art Walkable Skylight

Use your flat roof as a space to entertain with a walkable skylight. FAKRO’s latest and most innovative skylight yet, the walkable skylight DXW is perfect for anyone with a flat roof that wants an amazing upgrade.

State of the Art Technology

For years, FAKRO continues to be one of the leading creators of skylights and flat roof windows. Flat roofs are growing in popularity as places to entertain. With conventional flat roof skylights, this keeps areas of your roof from being used. Many traditional flat roof skylights can not bear weight, meaning entire sections of your flat roof can’t be walked on.

FAKRO’s new skylight resolves this problem! All surfaces are engineered and reinforced to support the weight of being walked on.  The FAKRO walkable skylight DXW revolutionizes the way you can use your flat roof with skylights! You keep the natural light and aesthetic of a skylight without sacrificing valuable roof space.

The walkable skylight supports weight
The walkable skylight supports weight

This skylight is engineered differently from other flat roof skylights. The frame is made from multiple chamber PVC profiles. This kind of frame is stronger than traditional flat roof skylight frames. As with all FAKRO skylights, the walkable skylight is energy efficient and maintains your home’s temperature – saving you money on heating and cooling costs. This skylight also has a non-slip coating which makes the surface safer to walk on.

The walkable skylight comes with a variety of accessories available for purchase. Improve your home and your flat roof with this unique and high-tech design. Don’t go another year with wasted space on your roof! Instead, install this energy-efficient skylight to give you back your roof and let light natural into your home.

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