About Our Roof Windows

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Roof Windows: Transforming Your Home

Our roof windows can completely transform an attic space into a stylish, luxurious living space. Roof windows are beneficial to your health and can turn an attic into a beautiful and restful space.

About Our Roof Windows

Our FVV-P model of roof windows is a great fit for any attic space! By letting in natural light, and having a functioning top hung pivot which allows for easy window opening, you can take an unused attic space and turn it into a beautiful room! The benefits of roof windows and skylights for your health are well known. Fewer allergies, improved mood, and lower stress levels are just a few of the many benefits roof windows have to offer.

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roof windows and transform your attic into something more!” width=”697″ height=”465″> Our roof windows and transform your attic into something more!

Below is a list of features from our FVV-P series windows:

  • Two independently opening mechanisms of the sash: external and pivot opening.
  • The external opening function allows the sash to be undone in any position from 0 to 35 degrees; pivot function allows the sash to be rotated up to 180 degrees.
  • The external opening function permits an easy approach to the window and providing an extensive view to the outside.
  • A groundbreaking hardware system assures full sash stability in both opening functions. Opening technique can be switched using the preSelect sliding switch located in the middle of the frame, available when the window is open.
  • Easy operation by the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash. Handle equipped with two stage micro-ventilation.
  • FPP-V window is armed with an automatic ventilator V40P delivers the best amount of air into the room. V40P automatic air-inlet guarantees a healthy micro-climate in the attic and saves energy.
  • Easy cleaning of the outer pane and easy awning blind installation – thanks to the bolt blocking the sash rotated through 180 degrees.

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