Roof Ladders: 17 Ways Attic Ladders Improve Your Home

17 Ways Roof Ladders - Attic Ladders Can Improve Your Home

Roof ladders or attic ladders can improve your home in a variety of often unexpected ways.

Many homeowners are still unaware of new options, styles, and benefits of installing roof ladders in their homes. However, adding a roof ladder to your home is one of the best ways to add value to your property.

Enable safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. Fakro Roof Ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort.

In this article, we will go over just 17 of the ways roof ladders can improve your home.

  1. Accessibility: Fire rated FAKRO Roof ladders or Attic Ladders can make your attic or crawlspace easier to access. They can also enable you to access your storage space more quickly should you require some of your stored belongings on short notice.
  2. Extra bedrooms: If your home has extra bedrooms in its attic space, a roof ladder is a wonderful way to add another access point or enable easier access. Some homes’ stairways need replacement, or homeowners may dislike the layout of the staircase. No matter the cause, a roof ladder can be a convenient way to expand the occupancy of your home.
  3. Rooftop relaxation on flat roofs: You can install a roof hatch on your flat roof and, with a roof ladder, you have instant access to your roof. You can easily make your roof a quiet space for relaxation or to have your morning cup of coffee.
  4. Easier access for maintenance: Installing a roof ladder makes it easier to maintain insulation, piping, wiring, ductwork, and structural integrity. The ease of access enables regular inspection of various interior parts of the roof that can show early signs of damage or water penetration. The easier a room or space in the home is to access, the more likely it is to be well cared for.
  5. Additional storage space: If you plan to use your attic for storage, having an easy access point is in your best interest. Roof ladders are one of the most affordable options for making this a reality. Many roof ladders also allow for significant weight loads to increase durability and the product’s life span.
  6. More living space: If you plan to use your attic as extra living space, like a second living room, guest room, or apartment, it may have its own access. However, a secondary access for emergencies or moving possessions in and out makes the environment run much smoother.
  7. Game rooms: Finished and partially finished attics make great places for game rooms for kids. Many kids especially enjoy having their own space to get some time away and do their own thing. Adding a roof ladder is a simple and safe way to make access even easier.
  8. Dens and theaters: Many homeowners turn their attic space into family entertainment rooms. Installing an attic ladder is the easiest way to make a finished home theater or quiet evening den a breeze to access.
  9. Create a secure way to reach your attic: For those concerned about slips and falls, roof ladders are constructed to be durable, easy to grip, and stable. Professionally installed roof ladders are perfectly stable when extended and are designed to lock into place to prevent accidents.
  10. Added home value: The other benefits of adding a roof ladder to your home add up to real savings and improvements. This adds resale value to your home overall, meaning a roof ladder is one of the smarter investments you can make to improve your property.
  11. Improved energy efficiency: Improving access to your attic and roof through an attic ladder will help you maintain your insulation and re-examine your roof’s interior with ease to check for signs of damage or water leaks.
  12. Easy access for office space: Many people keep home offices because they work from home some of the time or all of the time. Installing a roof ladder to this space makes it easy to take breaks, get some air, or grab a file you forgot with direct access to the room.
  13. Flexible placement: Roof ladders can be used for attics, garages, storage spaces, and extra rooms, as well as rooftop access. This makes them a convenient solution for a wide variety of applications.
  14. They’re timeless and stylish: Roof ladders have been around in one form or another for decades, but they never lose their touch. They continue to come in new styles with unique features as time goes on yet remain a staple of so many homes.
  15. Take up less space than alternatives: Roof ladders take up far less space than traditional staircases, which can hog up a large portion of the room, interfere with architectural designs, and be expensive to install. Alternative staircases are also fixed in place, interfering with furniture and decor arrangement. Roof ladders prevent all of these problems.
  16. Convenience: Modern roof ladders can often be operated without any effort at all in either residential or commercial settings, making access incredibly convenient to use.
  17. Economical: Because of their other associated benefits, roof ladders are extremely economical. Whether as a business or residential investment, they always add value and functionality.

If you think attic ladders are only good for climbing, you haven’t even scratched the surface of what they have to offer. Of course they are primarily functional (How else are you supposed to get into your roof-level storage areas?), but they also come with a wide variety of options that have improved the product’s design, safety, and convenience.

Since most homes do not have walk-in attics, many homeowners depend on the trapdoor and attic door combination. Of course these come with pull cords, but what if you have a high ceiling? Don’t worry: taller trapdoors come with a rod that can slip through the ring at the end of the pull string for easy leverage.

Since ladders come with a spring system, not much strength is needed to pull it down, and often these systems shut slowly so there is no creaking or slamming upon closure. These folding ladders can also come with covers to protect the unit and to properly seal the trapdoor for energy efficient savings.

Did you know that attic access ladders are great if you have steep pitch in your roof. Attic stairs are heavy duty and provide fall protection with a load capacity that will ensure your safety.

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