The 11 Benefits of a FAKRO Fire-Rated Attic Ladder

Fire-Rated Attic Ladder by FAKRO

Fire-rated Attic Ladders Have Many Benefits

The attic ladder is a must-have for any attic space. It makes it easy to get up and down from the loft, and also provides an escape route in the event of a fire. The FAKRO attic ladder is made of lightweight, strong materials and it can be easily accessed from inside the garret without having to step on the hatch. 

A cockloft ladder with an insulated door is the perfect solution for your mansard stairs. The insulation will help prevent heat transfer and energy loss, while also protecting it from weather elements such as rain and snow. The fire-rated attic stairway provides a safe way to access storage space in your garret area without posing any risks of trapping you inside. A custom attic ladder or a custom-made pulldown is a great choice for garret stairs too. With FAKRO attic ladders, you can create a mansard that’s perfect for your family and home style. If you’re not sure which and where to buy, we’ve compiled 11 benefits that will help you decide!

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Benefits Of Having A Fire-rated Attic Ladder

  1. A fire-rated attic stair is essential for protecting your garret from a potential fire. It can help keep the building standing, saving lives and possessions.  
  2. A FAKRO garret ladder provides this safety while also helping you to use less energy in heating/cooling costs with proper insulation sealing around it. It also provides attic access for many homeowners.
  3. A fire-rated mansard ladder is constructed from metal, so it can safely withstand high temperatures without cracking or failing in case of a house fire.
  4. Loft stairs are the best way to evacuate with children and pets.
  5. No assembly is required; comes preassembled to fit your cockloft hatch opening.
  6. They can be installed at either end of your mansard, which is helpful if you’re not sure wherle it’s safest for everyone to meet up when there’s a fire.
  7. Fire-rated garret stairs offer peace of mind and eliminate any concerns you may have about the safety of yourself and your family.
  8. Will not warp, crack or split during normal use and high temperatures.
  9. Easily attaches to attic hatch opening without the need for any tools.
  10. Cockloft ladder comes with a limited lifetime structural warranty on all parts.
  11. Fire-rated loft ladders will have no trouble evacuating the entire family from above in case of an emergency.
The 11 Benefits of a FAKRO Fire-Rated Attic Ladder
Fire-rated Attic Ladders Have Many Benefits

There are 3 types of Fire-rated Attic Ladders

  • This metal fire-rated ladder offers another benefit too—it can be used as an emergency escape route for homes at risk from wildfires or forest fires. The FAKRO attic ladder is made of metal, which makes it fire-rated. This means that if a house where to catch on fire the cockloft stairs would not release toxic fumes into your home and they are unlikely to melt or warp in the heat generated by an garret fire.
  • The wooden fire-rated ladder is a key benefit of the FAKRO attic ladder is that it’s made from wood, which means it can last for decades in your loft. This variety uses a wooden design for its base and steps which makes it easy to install. It also has a fire-resistant coating on the loft ladder, making it safe for use in homes with high wood content or those that are close to other flammable materials within the mansard itself.
  • A Scissor fire-rated attic ladder can be installed in a loft space with a low ceiling. When installing the FAKRO scissor attic ladder, it is important to remember that they are not intended for use on stairs or steps and should only be used between two-floor joists so as to prevent any accidents caused by falling or tripping.

When installing a FAKRO attic ladder, it is important to ensure that the door of the cockloft stairs can be opened and closed easily at all times as this will allow for easier access when required. The garret ladder should always open away from you so as not to cause any injuries if you were ever caught in between them.

When it comes to safety, you can’t be too careful. Now that we have talked about the benefits of a FAKRO fire-rated attic ladder, metal fire-rated ladder, wooden fire-rated ladder, scissor fire-rated ladder, and what they offer in terms of protection for your home against fires – is this enough information? For more information on how these products can protect your family from harm during an emergency situation or if there is a natural disaster nearby contact us today! We are happy to help provide peace of mind with high-quality residential ladders at competitive prices.

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